Yellowstone's Current Region Status:
Normal Level

The volcanic region of Yellowstone is currently at NORMAL level, which means all volcanic activity is normal in the region. If you live near a volcano with a status higher than normal, this means you need to have caution as seismic and geothermal activity are going to present as the volcano leads up to rather and eruption or back down to dormancy. A volcano on NORMAL, is a volcano currently undergoing dormancy or normal activity. A volcano on ADVISORY means that geothermal or seismic activity are just slightly above what its normal background is, caution is advised. If a volcano is on WATCH, this means the volcano is currently close to eruption status or is undergoing a very small eruption, lots of caution is advised. If a volcano is on WARNING, this means an eruption is occurring and that the volcano is very dangerous and shouldn't be approached, evacuation of the area is highly advised. If a volcano is UNASSIGNED, this means there is no information on this volcano at this time. Extinct and insignificant volcanoes will not be included. (NOTE: pages on this wiki are updated weekly, so some information may be off if a volcano's status has changed.)

Volcanoes in Region



Current Status: Normal Level

Last Eruption: 1350 BC

Current Activity Information: The Yellowstone volcano is currently undergoing a state of normal restful activity. Occasional earthquake swarms are present, but are natural.